McCann Healthcare

One of a couple of recent shoots for McCann Erickson Healthcare.

The first saw us huddled under umbrellas off Oxford Street in unrelenting rain.
This one saw us enjoying the considerable comforts of Big Sky studios.
I really like the attention to detail that they've put into the toilets in Big Sky. Black loo, Osbourne & little feature wall etc. I've got a feeling there's some gold in there too..

This was a shot for an immunization drug, used across S. America, Africa, India and the Middle East. The end result looked a bit like this.

Some real babies were used for the shoot, and some not so real.
All received equal care.
The ratio of real to plastic babies you have to use in a shoot and still be convincing was the subject of some conjecture.
Roughly speaking, you're looking for about 65% real babies. Any less and people start getting suspicious.

Having tweaked the lighting stand, and with a seemingly heavy heart, James makes the long lonely journey back to the rest of the set, dramatically lit, for added drama.

That's Angelica.
Our exhaustive research indicated she was pretty much the only genuinely Peruvian model in London. You might know otherwise.
The baby is genuinely plastic.